7 Reasons You Need A Stretch Tent For Your Next Event

Before going through and showing you the various advantages of having a stretch tent as opposed to a traditional marquee, lets first start by giving you a clear description of what exactly a stretch tent is:


Stretch Tents: A specific type of tent made from a specially developed stretch fabric. Stretch tents offer a great deal of flexibility and versatility whereas they can be rigged in a variety of different designs and concepts to cater to the needs of each event. The tents are rigged using a system in which tension is applied to the fabric, which applies pressure onto the poles, creating a unique atmosphere and elegant look.


Now that you have a better understanding of what a stretch tent is, lets take a look at 7 Reasons You Need A Stretch Tent For Your Next Event.


1)   Flexibility:

Flexibility is an event planners best friend. As mentioned above, due to the unique “free form” fabric of the tents, it allows you the flexibility to rig the tent in a variety of configurations depending on the concept or type of event. Unlike a traditional “marquee tent,” stretch tents allow you to customize the tent to your vision and give you more versatility in an event industry where you need to be able to adapt and prepare for surprises.


2)   Set-Up/Break Down Time:

Stretch tents, for the most part, go up far more quickly than a traditional marquee. Typically, for larger events you can expect about a 6 hour set up time and an even faster breakdown time of around 2 hours. This is also advantageous for event planners as it gives them more of a “buffer” to incorporate other vendors in full productions.


3)   Modular Capability (Tents Can Be Linked Together):

The unique concept of the stretch fabric allows you to modularly connect different tents to create larger structures. The tents come with a super clean gutter system that ensures water does not seep between the connected tents while maintaining the aesthetic beauty of the tents themselves. This unique benefit has made stretch tents a big hit for bigger events.


4)   Branding:

Stretch tents are easily brandable. For rentals, stretch tents can be branded with acrylic and those who choose to purchase can completely customize the tent with their company name or logo. This offers the dual benefit of an elegant event structure and visibility and exposure for your brand.


5)   Highest Quality Fabric:

The tents themselves are made of a highly functional and durable polymeric fabric that is:

·      100% Waterproof

·      Meets ALL international fire & safety standards

·      Anti-Microbial & Teflon treated with UV stabilizers

·      Double taped seams for incredible durability that allows the tents to be semi-permanent structures


6)   Atmosphere & Concept Creation:

The mere presence of a stretch tent creates a unique and elegant atmosphere like no other. Being able to artistically develop and carry out concepts specific to spaces, certain venues, and challenging areas allows event planners the ability to be creative in following through for their clients on a variety of levels.


7)   Video Mapping & Projection:

The fabric of the stretch tents offers a particularly uncommon advantage in that they are great for video mapping, projecting logos, images, and creative, as well as lasers and lighting. This makes stretch tents a great option for clients looking for further branding opportunities,  DJ’s, Clubs, and corporate clients.


It’s easy to see why stretch tents are becoming such a hot topic in the event industry. Event planners from all niches are quickly turning to stretch tents due to their flexibility, quick and easy set up & breakdown time, branding abilities, and more. Perhaps a stretch tent may be just what you need for your next event!

AeroFest - Mobile, AL

AeroFest was a first of its kind 2-day celebration of Live Music, an Independence Ride, 14 Titan FC MMA bouts, an Interactive Arts Festival, Hero Games, CrossFit Challenge and more honoring our Nation's Military Service Members

ALL profits supported the physical, emotional, and adaptive needs of our nation's injured Veterans

It was an honor for our team to be part of something so big and important. We would like to thank all of our Nation's Heroes for their sacrifice and service, 



Touch A Heart Spa Day

Nomad provided tents to cover 4850 square feet.


Top left, we have our famous 60ft x 40ft Platinum Gray tent.


Top Right, we have a 40ft x 30ft Chino/Tan tent and in the background is our 35ft x 35ft Pink tent.


We are always excited to be involved in events such as this one. It gives us great pleasure to see so many people getting together under our tents for a good cause.


Thanks to Debbie Perlman and Lori Samuels for putting together this wonderful gathering.

Halloween : New Orleans Style

How do you say no to a job for a Halloween Party in New Orleans, two blocks away from Bourbon Street in the French Quarter?

The event, Descent : The Inferno, based on the 14th-century epic poem by Dante Alighieri, was a fundraiser for the Project Lazarus. We are honored to have been part of their annual event.

For this setup, we used two 60ft x 40ft joined along the longer edge to make a beautiful 60ft x 80ft. The inferno effect was created simply by using red up-lighting,

Els For Autism - Annual Tea Party


It was an amazing honor to provide our tents for the Annual Tea Party for the Els for Autism Foundation in Jupiter, Fl.

A complicated installation ended up yielding a spectacular result.

For this event we had to improvise a little. Our attachment points included the house pillars, trees, concrete blocks, part of the fountain and a few stakes here and there to tie in all together! We pulled all the tricks out of the bag for this one and probably used every knot in our sailors pocket book!

In total, we installed 7200sqft over two days. Two of our 60ft x 40ft Platinum Grays and one 60ft x 40ft Classic White.

If you would like to learn more about the Els for Autism Foundation click here.


Nomad - Bringing new options to festival shading challenges

A music festival on the white sandy beaches of Panama City Beach, Florida that includes cutting edge production, and starred multiple headline DJs.



We installed our 60ftx40ft with a brand new matching 30ftx40ft joined along one side. We then spent the rest of the day stringing up what we have now dubbed as "Shade Art" (see pic on the right) under the tents and over the VIP stage.


Yachty National Marine Pre Golf Tournament Party

Yachties love to party....

so this year, we partnered up with National Marine Suppliers and Yachty Rentals and sponsored this magnificent tent installation for the Pre-Golf Tournament Event.


In this installation we used a total of 8450 square feet, joining two (60ft x 40ft)'s to make an 80ft x 60ft and joining two (30ft x 40ft)'s to make another 60ft x 40ft. We also installed one of our brand new designer tents. A 35ft x 35ft Gray Manta.


Thanks to National Marine and Yachty Rentals for making this event possible.


Until next year, smooth sailing to all you yachties out there.




Artefacto - Doral, Florida

Great one of a kind installation.


Discover the new Artefacto Warehouse Concept Store featuring luxury home furnishings and collections.


For this setup, we used a 60ft x 40ft Platinum Gray tent. The building side of the tent was attached along a tension cable which was attached to sides of the building. The large bay windows created a challenge for anchoring the tent.

Nomad - SLS Brickell - Miami

The SLS Brickell, developed by the Related Group and designed by Phillipe Starck, will feature 450 units and reach 51 stories.  Additionally, the project will feature 4 restaurants such as Katsuya by Stark, Bazaar by Jose Andres and  Michael Schwartz of Michael Genuine.


For this ground breaking event, Nomad supplied a 60ft x 40ft in Platinum Gray. We also provided our event decking with carpet.


If you would like to learn more about SLS Brickell click here to read the press release of the event.



Sky Beach - Roof Top Club - St Maarten

So, we shipped this 60ft x 40ft Gray tent down to St Maarten for a New Year's event last year and when we went back to take it down, the owner of the club decided to purchase the tent - FANTASTIC!

This setup will be used year round to protect the clubs guest from frequent rain storms. The owner has reported a huge increase in revenue since the tent was installed and plans to serve food on the roof in the near future.

Love it when everything falls into place.

HAPPY 2014!!!


Nomad - Fort Lauderdale Boat Show 2013

There is no better place to advertise a new product than the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. With hundreds of thousands of visitors every year and billions of dollars generated, its an honor to be able to display this amazing tent.

For this Boat Show, we used our brand new Pink Manta Tent - 35ft x 35ft. This tent is such a joy to work with. Its easy to rig and even easier to take-down. We also installed our 30ft x 40ft Beige Tent on the floating pontoons for the Broward Design Center display. This is the second year working with BDC and we hope for many more.

We added a cool time-lapse video of the setup. We hope you enjoy it and hope to hear your comments.