7 Reasons You Need A Stretch Tent For Your Next Event

Before going through and showing you the various advantages of having a stretch tent as opposed to a traditional marquee, lets first start by giving you a clear description of what exactly a stretch tent is:


Stretch Tents: A specific type of tent made from a specially developed stretch fabric. Stretch tents offer a great deal of flexibility and versatility whereas they can be rigged in a variety of different designs and concepts to cater to the needs of each event. The tents are rigged using a system in which tension is applied to the fabric, which applies pressure onto the poles, creating a unique atmosphere and elegant look.


Now that you have a better understanding of what a stretch tent is, lets take a look at 7 Reasons You Need A Stretch Tent For Your Next Event.


1)   Flexibility:

Flexibility is an event planners best friend. As mentioned above, due to the unique “free form” fabric of the tents, it allows you the flexibility to rig the tent in a variety of configurations depending on the concept or type of event. Unlike a traditional “marquee tent,” stretch tents allow you to customize the tent to your vision and give you more versatility in an event industry where you need to be able to adapt and prepare for surprises.


2)   Set-Up/Break Down Time:

Stretch tents, for the most part, go up far more quickly than a traditional marquee. Typically, for larger events you can expect about a 6 hour set up time and an even faster breakdown time of around 2 hours. This is also advantageous for event planners as it gives them more of a “buffer” to incorporate other vendors in full productions.


3)   Modular Capability (Tents Can Be Linked Together):

The unique concept of the stretch fabric allows you to modularly connect different tents to create larger structures. The tents come with a super clean gutter system that ensures water does not seep between the connected tents while maintaining the aesthetic beauty of the tents themselves. This unique benefit has made stretch tents a big hit for bigger events.


4)   Branding:

Stretch tents are easily brandable. For rentals, stretch tents can be branded with acrylic and those who choose to purchase can completely customize the tent with their company name or logo. This offers the dual benefit of an elegant event structure and visibility and exposure for your brand.


5)   Highest Quality Fabric:

The tents themselves are made of a highly functional and durable polymeric fabric that is:

·      100% Waterproof

·      Meets ALL international fire & safety standards

·      Anti-Microbial & Teflon treated with UV stabilizers

·      Double taped seams for incredible durability that allows the tents to be semi-permanent structures


6)   Atmosphere & Concept Creation:

The mere presence of a stretch tent creates a unique and elegant atmosphere like no other. Being able to artistically develop and carry out concepts specific to spaces, certain venues, and challenging areas allows event planners the ability to be creative in following through for their clients on a variety of levels.


7)   Video Mapping & Projection:

The fabric of the stretch tents offers a particularly uncommon advantage in that they are great for video mapping, projecting logos, images, and creative, as well as lasers and lighting. This makes stretch tents a great option for clients looking for further branding opportunities,  DJ’s, Clubs, and corporate clients.


It’s easy to see why stretch tents are becoming such a hot topic in the event industry. Event planners from all niches are quickly turning to stretch tents due to their flexibility, quick and easy set up & breakdown time, branding abilities, and more. Perhaps a stretch tent may be just what you need for your next event!

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